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Single passenger flight, General conditions of carriage

Effective February 6, For flights from or to Canada from December 15, 1. Unless otherwise specified, it includes both Checked and Unchecked Baggage of the Passenger. In the case of a trip which returns to the place of departure, the Destination is the same as the place of departure.

Such authority shall normally be stamped in a specified box of the relevant coupon but may also be effected by use of a document, telegraph or other method of communication.


French Gold Francs may be converted into any national currency in round figures. As used in this definition, the term "country", which is equivalent to "state", shall include any territory subject to its sovereignty, suzerainty, mandate, authority or trusteeship.

Conversion of the SDR sum into a national currency shall, in the case of judicial proceedings, be made at the exchange rate between the currency and SDR prevailing on the date of the final court hearing of such proceedings and, in any other case, at the exchange rate between the currency and SDR prevailing on the date on which the amount of the damages is finally fixed single passenger flight on which the value of Baggage is declared. E Change of Conditions of Carriage or JAL's Regulations Except as will be prohibited by Applicable Laws, JAL may change, modify or amend any provision of these Conditions of Carriage or of JAL's Regulations without prior notice; provided that no contract single passenger flight Carriage shall be subject to such change, modification or amendment made after the Carriage to be performed pursuant to such contract commences.

single passenger flight

The service fees are non-refundable. A Passenger shall not be entitled to be carried if the Ticket presented by the Passenger falls within the scope of sub-paragraph 6 of paragraph A of Article JAL shall not be liable to any person entitled to be carried or to receive a refund, for honouring or refunding a Ticket presented by any person other than the person so entitled. If a Ticket is in fact used by any person other than the person who is entitled to be carried, with or without such person's knowledge and consent, JAL shall not be liable for death of or injury to such unauthorised person or for loss, destruction or delay in arrival of, or damage to, such unauthorised person's Baggage or other personal property arising from or in connection with such unauthorised use.

B Validity for Carriage 1 When Validated, a Ticket shall be good for Carriage from the airport at the place of departure to the airport at the Destination via the route described in the Ticket, at the applicable class of service and for the period of time specified or referred to in the next succeeding sub-paragraph.

Each Flight Coupon shall be good for Carriage on the date and flight for which a seat is reserved for the Passenger. The place and date of issue shall be shown on the valid Ticket. If a Ticket involves a flight coupon to single passenger flight any single passenger flight having a period of validity that is less than one year applies, such period shall apply only to such flight coupon.

A Miscellaneous Charges Order and Electronic Miscellaneous Document will not be honoured for a Ticket unless it is presented for a Ticket within one year from the date of issue thereof.

Unless otherwise provided in JAL's Regulations, a travel pursuant to a Flight Coupon of a Ticket may continue beyond the date of expiration of the Ticket if such travel commences prior to midnight thereof. C Extension of Validity 1 If a Passenger is prevented from travelling within the period of validity of a Marburg leute kennenlernen because JAL: a cancels the flight on which the Passenger holds a reservation; b fails to operate a flight reasonably according to the schedule; c omits a scheduled stop, being the Passenger's place of departure, Destination or Stopover point; d causes the Passenger to miss a connection; e substitutes a different class of service; or f is unable to provide previously confirmed space; JAL will, unless otherwise provided in JAL's Regulations, extend the period of validity of the Ticket, without additional collection of fare, to JAL's first flight on which a seat is available in the class of service for which the applicable single passenger flight is paid by the Passenger.

In the case of i or ii above, JAL may extend to the same extent the period of validity of Tickets of other members of the immediate family travelling with the Passenger.

Any such amendment or modification shall be internationale partnervermittlung to JAL's receipt of a proper death certificate and any such extension shall not exceed 45 Days from the date of death. B Applicable Single passenger flight 1 Single passenger flight fares shall be the fares which shall be published by JAL or its Authorised Single passenger flight or, if not so published, constructed in accordance with JAL's Regulations, which shall, unless otherwise provided in Applicable Laws, be in effect as of the date of issue and applicable on the date of commencement of the Carriage covered by the first Flight Coupon of a Ticket.

If the amount collected is not equivalent to the applicable fare, the difference shall be paid by the Passenger or, as the case may be, refunded by JAL.

single passenger flight

C Routings Unless otherwise provided in JAL's Regulations, fares shall apply only to a routing published in connection therewith. If there are more than one routings at the same fare, a Passenger may specify the routing prior to issuance of a Ticket. E Currency Fares and charges may be paid in a currency to be specified by JAL subject to Applicable Laws other than the currency in which the fare or charge is published.

If a payment is made in a currency other than the currency in which the fare or charge is published, such payment shall be made at the rate of exchange established in accordance with JAL's Regulations. C Seat Assignment JAL may permit a Single passenger flight to reserve a specified seat of a flight in advance; provided that JAL may, without a prior notice, change such seat due to a ship change or other reason.

E Cancellation of Reservations made by JAL 1 JAL deggendorf bekanntschaften, at its own discretion, cancel all or a part of the Passenger's reservations if two or more seats are reserved for the same Passenger and if: single passenger flight same section of routes on the same day are reserved; b same section of routes on dates in close proximity to each other single passenger flight reserved; c different section of routes on the same date are reserved; or d it is reasonably considered that the Passenger can not use all of the seats reserved.

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G Communications Charges A Passenger shall, unless JAL agrees otherwise, bear any communication expense for telephone, fax or other communication facility such as internet used in connection with making or cancelling a reservation.

CHECK-IN A Passenger shall arrive at JAL's check-in counter and the boarding gate, respectively by the time indicated by JAL or, if no time is indicated, sufficiently in advance of the flight departure so that there will be enough time for the Passenger to have check-in and departure procedures completed by the departure time of the flight.

If any provision of these Conditions of Carriage is invalid under any applicable law, the other provisions shall nevertheless remain valid. You should choose the fare best suited to your needs. You may also wish to ensure that you have appropriate insurance to cover instances where you have to cancel your Ticket.

JAL shall not be liable to the Passenger for any damage due to the Passenger's failure to comply with the provisions of this Article.

In the case of sub-paragraph 5 d or e of this paragraph, JAL may take such other measures as JAL deems necessary to prevent the Passenger from continuing such conduct, failure, obstruction or act which measures shall include, but not limited to, restraint of the Passenger.

B Security Inspection 1 A Passenger shall submit to any security check required by government or airport officials or by JAL, unless it is specifically deemed unnecessary by government or airport officials who halle berry dating by JAL. D Unchecked Baggage 1 Except articles specifically permitted by JAL to be carried into the cabin, Baggage which a Passenger may carry into the cabin shall be, besides one pack of a Passenger's personal belongings, as permitted by JAL's Regulations, which the Passenger carries and retains, one piece of article provided in JAL's Regulations which can be stowed in an enclosed storage compartment in the cabin or under the seat single passenger flight front of the Passenger, the sum of the three dimensions of which shall not exceed centimeters 45 inches ; provided single passenger flight the total weight of such articles shall not exceed 10 kilograms 22 pounds.

A Passenger shall not carry into the cabin any Baggage which JAL deems cannot be stowed in safety in the cabin. G Single kennenlernen Baggage 1 Baggage in excess of the free Baggage allowance set forth in sub-paragraph 1 of paragraph E of this Article shall be subject to the applicable excess Baggage charge provided in JAL's Regulations.

In the event that such declaration is made, Carriage of the Baggage to be performed by JAL shall be subject to a charge at the rate of U. I Excess Baggage Charge or Excess Value Charge on Rerouting or Cancellation Any payment or refund of excess Baggage charge or excess value charge to be made in the case of Rerouting or cancellation of Carriage shall be subject to the provisions hereunder concerning payment of additional fare or refund of fare; provided that JAL shall not make refund of excess value charge in the event that a portion of the Carriage is completed.

  1. Unless otherwise specified, or unless the context otherwise requires, it includes both your Checked and Unchecked Baggage.
  2. If these conditions are translated into any language other than English and there is any conflict or ambiguity between the English language version and the other version s the English version shall prevail.
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JAL shall not be obligated to ascertain that the bearer of a Baggage Check and a Baggage Identification Tag s is truly entitled to accept delivery of the Baggage. JAL shall not be liable for any damage arising out of or in connection with its failure to so ascertain.

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In delivering Baggage at the place of departure or unscheduled stopping place, JAL will not refund any charges paid for mann sucht frau heilbronn Baggage. K Animals 1 Subject to JAL's Regulations and with JAL's prior consent, JAL will accept Carriage of animals such as dogs, cats, household birds and other pets if a Passenger puts those animals into a proper container and obtains valid health and vaccination certificates, entry permits single passenger flight any other documents each required by any state or country to be flown into or over.

JAL shall not be liable for injury to, sickness or death single passenger flight, such animal if and to the extent that such event resulted from the inherent nature of such animal. D Voluntary Refunds 1 The term "Voluntary Refund" means any refund of a Ticket other than Involuntary Refund, and the amount of the refund shall be: a if no portion of the trip has been made, an amount equal to the fare paid, less any cancellation fees provided in JAL's Regulations; kennenlernen gelassenheit b if a portion of the trip has been made, an amount equal to the difference between the fare paid and the fare applicable to the sector for which the Ticket has been used, less any cancellation fees single passenger flight in JAL's Regulations.

E Refund for Lost Ticket In the event that a Passenger loses a Ticket or a portion thereof, JAL will, upon receipt of evidence of such loss satisfactory to JAL and payment of the charge set forth in sub-paragraph 2 of paragraph D of this Article, make a refund if all of the conditions set forth in the following sub-paragraphs 1 through 3 are satisfied: 1 the proof of such loss and a request for the refund are submitted to JAL not later than 30 Days from the expiration date of the lost Ticket; 2 the lost Ticket or any portion thereof has not been used or refunded and a new Ticket has not been issued in replacement of such Ticket or portion in accordance with sub-paragraph 4 of paragraph A of Article 4; and 3 the person to whom the refund is made agrees to indemnify JAL for any loss and damage incurred by JAL in connection with the refund or such lost Ticket being used for Carriage, refund or otherwise.

The amount of the refund shall be determined in bayern dating with sub-paragraph 1 of paragraph D of this Article; provided that, in case the Passenger purchased a Ticket for the lost Ticket or lost portion, JAL may refund the amount of the fare paid for such re-purchased Ticket only in case the Passenger traveled with such re-purchased Ticket in accordance with the fare regulations applicable to such lost Ticket.

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F Right to Refuse Refund 1 JAL will refuse a refund for a Ticket in the event that a request therefor is made later than 30 Days from the expiration date of the Ticket. G Currency Any refund will be made single passenger flight to Applicable Laws of the country in which a Ticket is originally paid for and of the country in which the refund is made. Any refund will normally be made in the currency in which the Ticket is paid for but may be single passenger flight in other currency in accordance with JAL's Regulations.

Except ground transportation service is directly operated by JAL, any such service will be provided by an independent operator who is not and shall not be deemed an agent or servant of JAL. Even in case a representative, officer, employee or agent of JAL assists a Single passenger flight in making arrangements for such ground transportation service, JAL shall not be liable for the acts or omissions of such independent operator.

In the event that JAL single passenger flight for a Passenger such ground transportation single passenger flight, JAL's Regulations including, but not limited to, those stated or referred to in those regulations concerning Tickets, Baggage Checks, value of Baggage or otherwise shall be deemed applicable to such ground transportation service.


No portion of fares single passenger flight be refundable even in case such ground transportation service is not used. Any and all expenses incurred by JAL or its agent in arranging or attempting to arrange for such reservation shall be borne by the Passenger.

B Passports and Visas 1 a A Passenger shall present to JAL all exit, entry or other necessary documents required by Applicable Laws single passenger flight country concerned such as countries to be flown from, into or over, and shall permit JAL, if JAL at single passenger flight reasonable discretion deems it necessary, to make and retain copies thereof; provided that, even if a Passenger presents exit, entry or other necessary documents to JAL and JAL carry the Passenger, JAL shall not be deemed to herne hill dating that such documents comply with Applicable Laws.

JAL will not refund the fare collected for Carriage to the point of such refusal of entry or deportation. C Customs Inspection Whenever required, a Passenger's Baggage shall, whether checked or unchecked, be subject to any inspection to be conducted by customs or other government officials. For the purpose of application of the Convention, a Carrier's address shall be the airport of departure indicated in the line of the Ticket on which the abbreviation of the Carrier's name first appears and the Agreed Stopping Places which may be altered by the Carrier in case of necessity shall be those places as defined in Article 1.

If there has been contributory negligence on the part of the Passenger, JAL's liability shall be subject to the applicable law relating to contributory negligence.

Assistance rendered to a Passenger by a representative, officer, employee or agent of JAL in loading, unloading or transshipping Unchecked Baggage shall be considered as gratuitous service to the Passenger. Except as provided in ii below, JAL will not waive any defense to such claim which is available under Article 20 1 of the Convention or any other Applicable Laws.

single passenger flight

In that event, JAL's liability shall be limited to such higher declared value. All claims shall be subject to proof by the Passenger of the amount of Damage. In the case of such Carriage, the weight of each item of Checked Baggage shall be deemed not to exceed 32 kilograms 70 pounds and, in case the sub-paragraph 4 b applies, JAL's liability shall, accordingly, be limited to SDR 8, French Gold Francsexcept in case JAL accepts Carriage of Checked Baggage with respect to which JAL enters into an agreement in advance concerning an item weighing above 32 kilograms 70 pounds in accordance with sub-paragraph 6 of paragraph C of Article JAL shall not be liable for any Damage which shall have occurred outside a sector the Carriage for which shall have been performed by JAL.


JAL also reserves a right to make a subrogation claim against a third party which shall have contributed to Damage, with respect to a portion or all of any payment made by JAL in connection with the Damage. The aggregate amount of the damages payable by JAL or its representatives, officers, employees or agents shall not exceed the amount of JAL's limitation of liability under these Conditions of Carriage. Every complaint must be in writing and dispatched within the time aforesaid.

B Time Limitation on Actions Any right to damages against JAL shall be extinguished unless an action is brought within 2 years single passenger flight from the date of arrival at the Destination, from the date on which the aircraft ought single passenger flight have arrived, or from the date on which the Carriage stopped.