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Mit dieser Lernhilfe erhalten Sie einen nützlichen Leitfaden zum Führen erfolgreicher und effektiver englischer Jemanden kennenlernen englisch dict.


Lernen Sie professionell auf Englisch zu telefonieren mit unseren geläufigen Redewendungen und Telefonfloskeln aus den Teilbereichen Taking calls Telefongespräche annehmenMaking calls Telefongespräche führen und Understanding Telefongespräche jemanden kennenlernen englisch dict.

Dieses Thema gehört auch zu den Inhalten in unserem Intensivkurs Englisch. Taking calls - Telefongespräche professionell auf Englisch annehmen Start your phone call by being well-prepared. You should always have a pen and a note pad, ready to take notes immediately. Take notes on what the caller is saying, so you can summarize well at the end of your phone call and forward a professional message if necessary.

Remember to smile. The caller can't help that you may be having a stressful day. Taking sportfreunde kennenlernen call - Gespräch annehmen Make sure you know your company policy on how to answer the phone and be polite. This is Helen Schmid from LbT-languages.

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Good morning. LbT-languages, this harz flirten Helen Schmid.

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What can I do for you? Getting names - Namen aufnehmen Get both the first and surname. If necessary, ask the caller to spell his or her name. Who is calling, please? Could I take your full name, please? Could you please spell that for me?

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Reason for the call - Grund des Anrufs Find out why the person is calling. May I ask the reason for your call? Could you tell me a little bit more about … 4.

Which company do you represent? Where are you calling from?


Forwarding a call jemanden kennenlernen englisch dict Anruf weiterleiten Just one moment, I will put you through to Mr. Have a nice day! May I put you on hold while I try contacting Mr. Wait for the response!

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Please hold the line. I will connect you. I'll connect you with the person in charge. No reply - Keine Antwort I'm sorry, this is Jane again.

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Schmid is jemanden kennenlernen englisch dict in today. Would you like me to take a message?


I'm afraid Ms. Schmid is in a meeting all day. Would you like to call back tomorrow? Would you like to wait or can he call you back? Ending a phone call - Ein Gespräch beenden Thank you for calling.

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Have a nice day. Thank you for calling. I will let Ms. Schmid know you called.


Good-bye Mr. Have a nice weekend. Take some notes so you have a guideline. If you are not sure about the vocabulary, look it up on dict. If the phone call is important you may want to stand up.

You have more power and energy this way! Making the call - Anrufen Remember to introduce yourself. My name is Helen Schmid. I'm calling from LbT-languages.

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Asking for somebody - Nach jemandem fragen What you may say if you would like to talk to someone. May Jemanden kennenlernen englisch dict speak to Mr. I'd like to speak to Mr.

Could you put me through to Mr. Smith's assistant?

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Could you connect me with someone who can tell me Is Mr. Smith in? I'd like to make an appointment for I'm afraid we have to postpone I need more information on Leaving a message - Mitteilung hinterlassen What you may say if you want to leave a message. Please tell Ms. Foerster I called.

Would you ask Ms. Can I Ieave a message?

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Could you please tell Ms. Foerster it's rather important and ask her to call me back soon? Thank you.

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Arranging appointments - Termine organisieren Can we make an appointment? I have noted down: we will meet on Friday, January the eighteenth, at 10 am.

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I'll confirm this by e-mail, as well. Can we postpone the meeting with Ms. Schmid to another day? Problematic situations - Problematische Situationen Can you speak more slowly, please? Pardon, I didn't understand you at all.