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    Declan Murphy Memory functioning in Autism Spectrum Disorder ASD is characterized by impairments in the encoding of relational but not item information and difficulties in the recollection of contextually rich episodic memories but not in the retrieval of relatively context-free memories through processes of familiarity.

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    The neural underpinnings of this profile and the extent to which encoding difficulties contribute to retrieval difficulties in ASD remain unclear. Using a paradigm developed by Addis and McAndrews [; Neuroimage, 33, —] we asked adults with and without a diagnosis of ASD to study word-triplets during functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging fMRI scanning that varied in the number of category relations amongst component words.

    Performance at test confirmed attenuated recollection in the context of preserved familiarity based retrieval in ASD.

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    The results also showed that recollection but not familiarity based dating aspergers adults increases as a dating aspergers adults of category relations in word triads for both groups, indicating a close link between the encoding of relational information and recollection. This link was further supported by the imaging results, where blood oxygen level dependent BOLD signal responses in overlapping regions of the inferior prefrontal cortex were sensitive to the relational encoding manipulation as well as the contrast between recollection versus familiarity based retrieval.

    dating aspergers adults

    Interestingly, however, there was no evidence of prefrontal signal differentiation for this latter contrast in the ASD group for whom dating aspergers adults changes in a left hippocampal region were also marginally attenuated.

    Together, these observations suggest that attenuated levels of episodic recollection in ASD are, at least in part, attributable to anomalies in relational encoding processes.

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    Autism Res View Show abstract Auch beim Abspeichern von Wortlistendie Kategorien zugeordnet werden können z. Werden in recall-Aufgaben jedoch explizit phonologische oder semantische Hinweisreize gegeben " cued recall "die den Abruf unterstützen sollen, dating aspergers adults Menschen mit Autismus keine Probleme, diese zu nutzen TagerFlusberg,

    dating aspergers adults